How do you describe a civilization that started 3000 years B.C. Where past & present, McDonalds, Mercs & mantras, betel leaf & chewing gum mingle with seeming ease. Where everything around is changing. Yet nothing has really changed. A land that stretches 3214 km from the mighty Himalayas in the North to Kanyakumari in the far South, 2933 km from the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea - with it's mix of three colours of sand.

How do you explain the confluence of myriad cultures, sieved as it were from the indelible influences left over the centuries by the Greeks, Moors & Chinese, Mongols & Mughals, Portugese, Dutch, French & British. Of whom some came to trade, some to conquer, some to learn, others to plunder. But all of whom left their imprints on architecture & the arts, on dress & cuisine, on customs & religion.
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India is an appealing holiday destination and attracts tourists from all around the world to spend their holiday. India is a vast country and an abode to diverse culture and rich history. And its vastness defies the mind's eye from the greatness of Himalayas in the north to the breathtaking greenness of Kerala in the south.

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